Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference Australia

2019 Proceedings

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Methodologies for Qualification of Additively Manufactured Aerospace Hardware (8.5Mb)

Doug Wells, Brian West and Richard Russell, NASA Training
 Defence Aviation Asset Management (2.7Mb) GPCAPT Adrian Morrison, DAAMP, RAAF Training
 The ADF's Application of Emerging Non-Destructive Testing Techniques (2.0Mb) Garrett Booth, NDT&CT, Defence Aviation Safety Authority Training
 CASA Opening Address (0.9Mb) Mr. Graeme Crawford, CASA Opening Address
 ADF Opening Address (2.4Mb) AVM Gregory Hoffman, Head of Air Domain, RAAF Opening Address
   The Maintenance Knowledge Framework: Closing the Readiness Gap (Video) Dr. Steven Spear, MIT; Matt Waters, AVA Studios Keynote
 Maintenance & Readiness: A Widening Gap in the DoD (MKF White Paper) (1.2Mb) Dr. Steven Spear, Matt Waters, Balaji Iyer Keynote
 Challenge of Introducing ISO55000 (0.4Mb) John West, BAE Systems Panel Session
 Challenge of Introducing ISO55000 (1.0Mb) GPCAPT Mark Scougall, RAAF Panel Session
PC-9 Ageing Aircraft Challenges (1.8Mb) WGCDR Ash Howell, ATACSPO Session 1
 Asset Management of an Ageing Aircraft - Opportunities Lost and Wins Achieved (Slides) (1.8Mb) COL Robert Crowe (Ret), Jacobs Australia Session 2
 Asset Management of an Ageing Aircraft - Opportunities Lost and Wins Achieved (Paper) (1.3Mb) COL Robert Crowe (Ret), Jacobs Australia Session 2
Re-tooling NASA's Engineering Predictive Practices for Durability and Damage Tolerance (D&DT) (2.6Mb) Rick Russell, NASA Kennedy Space Center Session 3
 S-70A-9 Main Landing Gear Explosive Failure - Introduction into Service of Replacement Equipment (1.5Mb) MAJ Darryl Burley, AASPO Session 4
 Workforce Needs and Challenges (0.8Mb) GPCAPT Chris Crowley, CASG, RAAF Panel Session
 Workforce Needs and Challenges (0.7Mb) WGCDR Jonathan Jorgensen, AFHQ Panel Session
 Workforce Needs and Challenges (2.2Mb) LTCOL Timothy Baker, Army Aviation Centre Panel Session

 KC-30A Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) - Part 1; Part 2Part 3

Andrew Hutchinson, Praxis Aerospace; David Kaveri, NGA-TS; Javier Gomez, Airbus DS Session 5
 Corrosion Management for New Capabilities (2.3Mb) Darren Roles and FLTLT Kenrick Horgan, P8SMU Session 5
 NASA's Efforts for the Development of Standards for Additively Manafuctured Components (2.2Mb) Brian West, Doug Wells and Rick Russell, NASA Session 6
 Stewardship Within Context of the Hawk 127 Lead In Fighter Enterprise (1.9Mb) Nick Rawlings, BAE Systems; and Matt Hall, TFSPO Session 6
 The Collaboration Between Civil and Military Airworthiness Authorities in Europe - A Field in Continuous Evolution (1.7Mb) Juan M Roman, Airbus DS Session 7
 Hawk from an Ageing (but still Spritely) Perspective (1.0Mb) Nick Rawlings, BAE Systems; and David Bajramovich, TFSPO Sesison 7
 Commitment to Safety - a Safety Authority Perspective (1.6Mb) AIRCDRE Jason Agius, DG DASA Session 8
 Remote Visual Inspection - A Picture Tells a Thousand Words! (5.6Mb) Sean Fogarty, Olympus Australia Session 9
 Classic Hornet from an Ageing (Aged) Perspective (2.9Mb) Matt Sprakel, Boeing Defence Australia Session 10
 The FAA's Regulatory Approach to Aging Aircraft (1.4Mb) Sarbhpreet Sawnhey, FAA Session 10
 Sustainment Challenges and Opportunities for the RAAF Super Hornet and Growler Fleets (2.4Mb) Richard Kloeden, Boeing Defence Australia Session 11
 ADF Aircraft Propulsion System - Challenges and Lessons Learned (2.4Mb) FLTLT Rashmin Gunaratne, Propulsion Systems Integrity, DASA Session 11
 Cavern Charts: A Graphical Technique for Evaluating the Maintenance Stagger in a Fleet of Aircraft (1.1Mb) Tim Roediger, Northrop Grumman Australia Session 12
 The Path to Asset Management in Defence (0.7Mb)  GPCAPT Adrian Morrison, DAAMP, RAAF Panel Session
 The Path to Asset Management in Defence (0.8Mb) Maria Jimenez, BAE Systems Panel Session
 The Path to Asset Management in Defence (1.6Mb) WGCDR Steven Hoadley, AEWCSPO Panel Session
 The Application of Reliability-Based Maintenance to Achieve Capability and Cost of Ownership Objectives (0.9Mb) Bob Teunisse, RAMP Team, Air Domain Centre Session 13
 A Summary of NASA's Efforts in the Development of Additively Manufactured Metallic Hardware (3.1Mb) Doug Wells, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Session 14


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