Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference Australia

2018 Proceedings

Presentation Title



FAA Certification: Design, Production, Airworthiness (12.8Mb)

Marv Nuss, Nuss Sustainment Solutions Training
 ADF Opening Address (1.4Mb) AIRCDRE Phil Tammen, DIrector General Air and Space Surveillance and Control, RAAF ADF Address
 Army UAS Airworthiness and Sustainment - New ways of thinking becoming BAU (1.1Mb) LTCOL Keirin Joyce, Army UAS Keynote Address
 Systems that monitor and maintain things of value (0.6Mb) John Baker AM, Copernicus Technology Panel Session
 Asset Management in Aircraft Sustainment (0.4Mb) Rodahn Gibbin, Sikorsky Australia Panel Session
 Proactive Asset Management through Maintenance Condition Data (Slides) (0.6Mb) Bob Teunisse, CASG Session 1
 Proactive Asset Management through Maintenance Condition Data (Paper) (0.2Mb) Bob Teunisse, CASG Session 1
 Working Towards a Digital Twin (0.8Mb) Dr Eric Tuegel, AFRL Session 2
 Digital Solutions for Aging Norms (0.9Mb) Magdalene De Wet, Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Session 3
 Development of a Defence Aviation Asset Management System (0.4Mb) GPCAPT Adrian Morrison, CASG Session 4
 Civil Aircraft Sustainment (1.2Mb) Barry Sims, Alliance Airlines Panel Session
 Civil Aviation Sustainment (1.3Mb) Beth Gamble, Textron Aviation Panel Session
 An Ultrafast Crack Growth Lifing Model for Efficient Probabilistic Damage Tolerance Analysis (6.1Mb) Dr Juan Ocampo, St Mary's University Texas Session 5
 Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment 2018 - Sustainment Agency Overview - CASA (0.5Mb) Pieter van Dijk, CASA Session 6
 S-70A-9 Black Hawk: Balancing Airworthiness and Sustainment Management with the Demands of a Domestic Special Operations Capability and an International Sustainment Community (2.1Mb) LTCOL Adam Kurylewski and MAJ Steve Wardill, AASPO Session 7
 Application of DASR to Ageing Aircraft (1.4Mb) GPCAPT Dean Harvey, Air Domain Centre, CASG Panel Session
 Application of DASR to Ageing Aircraft (1.1Mb) WGCDR Adam Bowler, SRSPO Panel Session
 Application of DASR to Ageing Aircraft (0.4Mb) Sean Stephen, BAE Systems Australia Panel Session
 Application of Contemporary Airworthiness Standards on Legacy Platforms (1.2Mb) Andrew Dropmann, Airbus Group AP Panel Session
 The FAA's Safety Continuum and its New Rules for Small Airplanes (1.5Mb) Marv Nuss, Nuss Sustainment Solutions Session 8
 Continued Operational Safety Risk Assessment of Textron Aviation's Commercial Fleet (1.9Mb) Beth Gamble, Textron Aviation Sesison 9
 UK MoD Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) EWIS Research Programme (0.6Mb) Keith Fairley, CableConnect Solutions Session 10, P1&2
 Damage Tolerance Analysis of the PC-9/A Wing Main Spar with Misdrill Damage (0.9Mb) Kevin Jackson, QinetiQ Australia Session 10, P4
 UK MoD DSTL EWIS Condition Survey Programme (3.4Mb) Ross Fairley, CableConnect Solutions Session 11, P1&2
 Enhancing Corrosion Risk Management via Microclimate Simulation (0.6Mb) Dr Milan Patel, RMIT University Session 11, P4
 Corrosion Prevention Compound (CPC) Impact on Electrical Wiring and Interconnect System (EWIS) Hardware Evaluation (3.3Mb) Corey Boltz, AFRL Session 12, P1&2
 C-130J-30 Wing Fatigue Test - Test Interpretation (2.2Mb) Ross Stewart, QinetiQ Australia Session 12, P4
 Asset Management Operations (0.3Mb) GPCAPT Adrian Morrison, CASG Panel Session
 Defence Aviation Asset Management - Community of Practice (0.2Mb)  LTCOL Michael Hansen, Army Aviation Systems Branch, CASG Panel Session
 Ageing Gas Turbine Issues: C-130J Case Study (1.3Mb) Andrew Wade, StandardAero Panel Session
 Asset Management and Platform Stewardship (1.1Mb) Andrew Chapman, BAE Systems Australia Panel Session
A330 MRTT Airworthiness Regulatory Framework: an EMAR 21J Case Study and Next Steps (1.7Mb) Felipe San Martin, Airbus DS Session 13, P1&2
Introduction of Infrared Thermography Capability for the ADF (1.9Mb) Wade Farley, DASA NDT&CT Session 13, P4
Military Sustainment Engineering with the Defence Aviation Safety Regulations (DSAR's) in the Australian Defence Force (1.1Mb) SQNLDR Stephen Bell, Air Combat SPO Session 14, P1&2
No Fault Found or more correctly, Fault Not Found; its causes, its costs and its correction (1.9Mb) John Baker AM, Copernicus Technology Session 14, P4
The Challenges of Structural Airworthiness Management within Defence (1.5Mb) MAJ Mehdi Moussaoui, DASA, and Stu Cogan, QinetiQ Australia Session 15, P1&2
Hydrothermal Ageing of Aircraft Composites (2.2Mb) Kirill Kolesnik, TsAGI Session 15, P4
Eddy Current Array for Aircraft (2.7Mb) Graham Maxwell, Olympus Australia session 16, P1&2


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