Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference Australia

2017 Proceedings

Presentation Title



 ADF Opening Address (1.9Mb) GPCAPT Guy Adams ADF Address
 F-35's in the Australian Defence Force - Program Overview (2.7Mb) GPCAPT Guy Adams, Joint Strike Fighter Keynote Address
 Sustainment Management in a Time of Organisational Change (1.0Mb) John Baker AM, Copernicus Technology Panel Session
 How Well Are You Managing Your Sustainment Baselines? (0.7Mb) Andrew Baird, Boeing Defence Australia Panel Session
 Lessons Learnt - Aircraft Washing as Part of CPCP (1.7Mb) Charles Cheesman, Bion Systems Session 1
 Trainer Aircraft ASIP Case Study (1.5Mb) Tim Cooper, QinetiQ Australia Session 2
 Sustaining the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (5.5Mb) Tom Owen, USAF LtGen (Ret), Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Session 3
 Defence Aviation Safety Regulation 66 - Military Aircraft Maintenance Licencing (1.3Mb) COL Rob Crowe AM, DASA Session 4
 The Mystery of the Disappearing Symptom and Why Solving it Enhances the Product Life Cycle (4.1Mb) John Baker AM, Copernicus Technologiy Session 5
 Army Aviation Systems Program Office (AASPO) - Current Issues Review 16/17 (2.3Mb) LTCOL Adma Kurylewski, AASPO Session 6
 Characterising Laser Deposition Additive Manufacturing Process using Thermo-Mechanical Finite Element Methods (3.5Mb) Dr Kevin Waker, DST Group Session 7
 Characterising Laser Deposition Additive Manufacturing Process using Thermo-Mechanical Finite Element Methods (1.7Mb) Tim Cooper, QinetiQ Australia Session 7
 F-35 Airworthness in the ADF (3.3Mb) WGCDR Vince Palmeri, JSF Division, CASG Session 8
 DASR - What Does it Really Mean? (0.7Mb) SQNLDR Paul Mulcahy Panel Session 
 Chinook FLight Test Instrumentation and Maintenance Management to Support Embarkation (1.9Mb) Capt Nick Gover and Samuel Boland, ,CHMU Session 9
 QinetiQ Engine Change Capability (2.3Mb) Jason Montgomery, QinetiQ Australia   Session 10
 Water Quality - How it Impacts on Airframe and Engine Washing (0.8Mb) Charles Cheesman - Bion Systems Session 11
 Transition to Defence Aviation Safety Regulations - An Update (1.2Mb) WGCDR Phil Telfer, DASA Session 12
 Leading in a Sustainment Environment - The People Factor (0.6Mb) Richard Gauntlett, Ageing Aircraft Australia Session 13
 Composite In-Service Damage Assessment (1.4Mb) Adam Groszek, QinetiQ Australia Sesison 14
 S-70A-9 Ageing Aircraft Threats - a SPO Perspective (2.4Mb) CAPT Steve Wardill, AASPO Session 15
 Using Neural-Network Test Technology for Avionic System Maintenance (2.9Mb) John Baker AM, Copernicus Technology Session 16
 HUMS (2.4Mb) Andrew Mackie, Teradata Panel Session
 Asset Management - Futures (1.9Mb) Robert Lewis - CASG Panel Session
 KC-30A - Asset Information Management System (0.6Mb) SQNLDR Tanya Evans Panel Session
 Application of Asset management to Military Aircraft Susteainment - JSF Asset Management (2.0Mb) Andrew Waye - JSF Division Panel Session
 Introduction of Phased Array Ultrasonic Capability for the ADF (3.0Mb) WOFF Michael Gaugg, NDT&CT, DASA Session 17
 F-35 Sustainment in the ADF (3.7Mb)  Rodahn Gibbon, JSF Division, CASG Session 19
 What's Keeping Us Safe? (2.8Mb) Rob Boykett, DST Group Session 20
 QinetiQ Ageing Aircraft Programmes on UK MoD Aircraft (0.8Mb) Darren Grinter and mark Wilson, QinetiQ UK Session 21


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