Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference Australia

2016 Proceedings

Presentation Title



 Protecting the Defence Supply Chain in a Global Marketplace Bruce Mahone, SAE International Keynote Address
 ACEA Enterprise Single Management Framework GPCAPT Agius, ACEASPO Panel Session
 Implementing the Defence Aviation Safety Regulations WGCDR Jason Dean, RAAF Session 1
 Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Aircraft Component Repair Dr Wyman Zhuang, DSTG Session 3
 Understanding Ageing Aircraft Threats: An Overview of QinetiQ Practical Experience from UK MoD Ageing Aircraft Programmes Darren Grinter and Mark Wilson, QinetiQ UK Sessions 5
 Development of a State Strategy to Support the Aerospace Industry Lindsay Pears, Defence Industries Queensland Keynote
 United Airlines Visualizing Data for a Global Operation John DeGiovanni, United Airlines Session 6
 Managing Ageing Threats on the RAAF PC-9/A Aircraft Samuel Pinskier, QinetiQ Australia Session 7
 Challenges for Engineering Under First Principles SQNLDR Paul Mulcahy, HALSPO Panel Session
 RAMSPO Plateau Andrew Dropmann, Australian Airbus Group AP Panel Session
 Recognition for Defence Aviation: What, Why and How? FLTLT Leon Purton, ACEASPO Session 8
 Enhancing Gas Turbine Performance by Correct Washing Procedures Charles Cheesman, Eco2000 Session 9
 Using Data to Solve Problems, Provide Accountability, and Improve the Operation Brett Bonner, United Airlines Session 10
 As Military as Necessary, as Civilian as Practicable Ian Kitson, QinetiQ Australia Session 15
 RAAF P3 Orion Corrosion Management Program Update Darren Roles, MPSPO    Session 16
 Aerospace Standards for Safe Aircraft? Bruce Mahone, SAE International Session 17
 Ageing Aircraft Sustainment: Optimising Aircraft Availability Trent Simcock, MPSPO Session 18


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